Creating a lyric video for your music is a very simple way to promote your music and connect with fans on YouTube and social media.

Making a lyric video is a great way to enhance your music when you upload it to YouTube with visual content that engages your listeners even more. We’ll walk you through the simple steps you can take to create your very own lyric video.

Find or create the background of your choice

You will want a compelling background. You can opt to simply have a block colour but a custom background is going to make your video shine.

If you’re using an image make sure you have the rights to use it – any great promo shots of yourself/your group can be perfect here! If you want to use an image from the web, check the rights to using it – we have a list of copyright free image sites you can explore here.

If you have a moving image you can use in the background – even better! But make sure it isn’t distracting from the lyrics. A slow motion video or unobtrusive animations can be a great choice.

Find video editing software you want to use

There are lots of choices out there from the incredibly expensive, professional programs to free, built-in software on computers.

Whatever you choose to use you should commit to it so you can get to grips with it and know how to use its features to edit videos together. Making a lyric video is one of the most basic things to do on video editing programs so it shouldn’t be difficult but you’ll still need to have a handle on your software!

A free program that makes it very easy to create a basic lyric video is YouTube Movie Maker. They also have video guides to help you make different types of lyric videos easily.

Upload to your Official Artist Channel on YouTube

If you’re an artist with your music on YouTube on your own channel and uploaded through a distributor like RouteNote to YouTube Music then an Official Artist Channel brings all of your content together on one channel.

It’s a vital step as an artist on YouTube to enhancing your viewers and fanbase and ensure that anything you upload goes to one channel for your music.

If you’ve uploaded music to YouTube Music through RouteNote before, or if you’re interested on doing so, we have more information on getting your Official Artist Channel here.

Upload and share your video

Once it’s done and uploaded, the process doesn’t end there! It’s time to get promoting.

Share your video across all of your socials to share it with fans and spread its reach. Share it where you can and enjoy the response to your brand new video that lets your listeners enjoy your music with the deeper connection of following your lyrics.