In just a few years, Spotify have gone from entering the Indian streaming market to dominating it as the country’s leaders in streaming.

Spotify launched their app and music streaming service in India just over five years ago. In that time Spotify have grown to become the leading streaming platform in the country and transformed the way that Indians listen to music.

With a focus on local artists, Spotify have helped to spotlight Indian artists both in India and abroad. Five years ago, international music made of 70% of the music streamed in India. Now, more than 70% of streams in the country are of Indian artists.

Further abroad, consumption of Indian music is up 2,000% worldwide. Songs from Indian artists being featured in Spotify’s global editorial playlists are up 160%.

Podcasts Boom: A New Audio Frontier

Spotify wasn’t just about music. Recognizing the potential of podcasts, they invested heavily in creator programs. This resulted in a massive surge, with over 200,000 podcasts created in 2023. Genres like history, education, and mythology boomed, with the top podcast genres in India being dominated by mythology and spirituality.

Looking ahead, Spotify remains committed to supporting local and global Indian artists, with a special focus on film music and the passionate Indian pop scene. Podcast creators can also expect continued support as Spotify helps them create and monetize their content.

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