It’s 2018, a lot has changed since recorded music began some 100 years ago and a lot of that change has come in the past 20 years. With music having transformed so much in recent years, how do people discover new music now?

It’s crazy to think that nearly all of the music we listen to every day, even the classics we know and love, comes from less than 100 years ago. Depending on how eclectic your tastes are, and if you’re a classical buff or not, most of it probably comes from the last 50 years or less. It’s still fresh and as such the way we experience music is constantly changing.

In the past 10 years the spreading popularity of digital platforms like downloads and streaming services have completely changed the way people listen to music. The radio was your discovery, and Vinyl records, then tapes, then CDs were how you listened to music on demand. Now almost every piece of music that has ever existed is at the tap of a keyboard and it’s changing the way we listen.

Whilst a potentially surprising 85% of people still listen to the radio and discover music on it, streaming platforms growth is monumental and showing no signs of slowing. Just to hit home how popular music streaming is, it has created the first rise in revenues for the music industry in countries all around the world for 20 years.

Considering it’s still fairly new technology for a lot of people, and there are free options for certain streaming services, a considerable amount of people now pay for music streaming subscriptions showing it’s worth and value to listeners. New stats suggest that 43% of people in the UK pay for music streaming services whilst in the US that number is even higher with 48% of the population subscribed to an audio service.

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