WhoSampled’s new feature reveals how all of your favourite artists connect to each other through their music.

WhoSampled, a site dedicated to showing you how songs relate primarily based on sampling, have a great new feature. Six Degrees of Music Separation is a tool that lets you put in the names of two different artists and see how, or if, they relate.

If they aren’t directly connected, like a direct sample of the other, WhoSampled will show you how many steps away they are connected through samples, remixes, cover songs, collabs, and credits. For example Kendrick Lamar has never sampled Frank Zappa but Madlib has, and Madlib produced a track featuring Kendrick – so Kendrick and Zappa are only two steps away. Who knew, huh?

It’s not a perfect tool but it’s really interesting, and also could lead to you discovering some great new music thanks to connections between the artist you love. If you find something really amazing WhoSampled give you the option to share your findings on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, or by email.

WhoSampled already lays claim to an index of 400,000 songs and over 134,000 artists with a community of 15,000 contributors adding new info and tracks every day. So it’s likely that, unless your tastes are really obscure, you’ll be able to find some new details about your favourite music artists.

If you reckon that you can stump WhoSampled’s mascot 6-D by finding two artists that aren’t connected within 6 steps you can try Six Degrees of Music Seperation for free from – www.whosampled.com/six-degrees