At his gig in London yesterday Canadian rap superstar Drake brought out friends and rappers Travis Scott and Young Thug to play with him. Unfortunately it seems Drake forgot to tip Scott off about the giant hole in the centre of the stage.

At the London O2 arena last night Drake’s concert had a slight hitch when, running up onto the stage with enthusiasm, Travis Scott got so wrapped up in the moment he fell into a gaping hole in the centre of the stage. It might seem like an obvious oversight but the gap’s purpose was to hold a giant globe which Drake has taken with him on tour.

Whilst potentially funny on it’s own the fall was made so much better by Trav’s autotuned shout of “YEA-” cut off short as he disappears into the stage. Watch the ridiculous, hilarious moment below:

Being the generous soul that he is Drake has decided to refund all concert-goers for their tickets, despite the fact that seconds after falling into the hole Travis came back out and they all continued with the performance. Drake told the audience: “I’m doing this shit for free tonight. I don’t give a fuck. Because you know what? It’s real love in here tonight… I don’t give a fuck about none of these people fucking up. I’m giving all their shit back.”

The reception from fans seems to be that the event was hilarious, the gig was amazing and there were no hard feelings over people “fucking up”. So not only did they get a free, incredible gig, they got one of the most hilarious live moments I’ve seen with a rapper – safe to say I’m pretty jealous.

I’d argue anyone that his autotuned, fading “YEEE-” is what makes the video so great. For more autotune hilarity from Travis Scott check him out shouting down security at another gig with his autotune still one. Pure gold.