The newest Alan Walker song “Hero” with Sasha Alex Sloan is out now, and it’s a dance-pop crossover triumph.

“Hero” by Alan Walker & Sasha Alex Sloan is out today! Existing fans will eagerly embrace the latest single as they do with all new Alan Walker songs, and the dance-pop track also serves as a fantastic first introduction to the DJ, whether turning heads at a party or slotting into a workout playlist.

Now the most-followed DJ on Spotify, Walker first stole the hearts of EDM listeners in 2015 with “Faded,” which currently has 1.7 billion Spotify streams. Over the years his undeniable gift has resulted in collaborations with Miley Cyrus, Coldplay, A$AP Rocky and many more stars on immensely successful singles.

New track “Hero,” released through RouteNote, has a wistful vibe with mournful strings, but it’s also got a hopeful beat. Meanwhile, gorgeous vocals from talented singer Sasha Alex Sloan stir the heart and lift the whole song up.

Stream “Hero” by Alan Walker & Sasha Alex Sloan here!

"Hero" a new song by Alan Walker and Sasha Alex Sloan.

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