Facebook and Instagram launch music for Stories and videos in Poland and Singapore

Facebook and Instagram users in Poland and Singapore are now able to include music from Facebook’s catalogue in their videos and Stories.

Nearly half the time spent on Facebook is video-related

Content consumption on the world’s largest social media platform is is now dominated by video.

TikTok are testing 3-minute long videos but do users want this?

The king of short-form videos wants a slice of YouTube’s market as they test 3-minute long videos, but does anyone want this? TikTok is the social media platform of choice for much of the Gen…

Here are Facebook’s 2 new features for artists and creators to make money

Facebook Stars is lighting up videos for creators on the platform to earn money in new ways and new subscriptions lets fans stay in touch even better. Facebook have launched two new features for artists…

Can people use my music in their Instagram videos?

Yes they can. Distribute your music through RouteNote, select Facebook as a store, and you’ll get a kickback for every view the video gets. Artists and labels distributing through RouteNote can choose from many of…