Image Credit: Nintendo

Fans have been hunting down the original, all-but-forgotten samples that made Super Mario World’s soundtrack and showing the world the real theme in all its glory.

The Super Mario World Restored project is an ongoing endeavour by a group of creators to the iconic game’s themes like they’ve never been heard before. The compressed Super Nintendo soundtrack is as iconic as the little red hat and moustache donned by Mario, but the original samples reveal a brand new perspective on the renowned theme tune.

The fans putting in the effort are extracting the original audio samples created for Super Mario World before they became the heavily compressed versions we know so well. Creator and Restored uploaded ‘The Brickster’ revealed that the samples could be found in the source code for Super Mario Advanced which was made available in Nintendo’s ‘gigaleak‘ last year.

It remarkably brings to life the tracks which we’ve come to know so well in a clearly synthesised version. The piano on some of these pieces sounds like a genuine live recorded instrument. Just check out the restored Athletic theme side by side with the original.

They are still working on finding more tracks in the hopes of completing the Super Mario World Restored project with a full catalogue of original sounds from one of the world’s most influential games. You can check out all of the tracks which have been restored so far in a playlist on The Brickster’s channel.