Happy Birthday RouteNote Sessions! Our live sessions turn 1 year old

It seems like just yesterday we were posting our very first live session and now 52 artists later, we’ve made it a year.

It’s been an incredible first year for the sessions. We’ve had many artists come through our doors, worked at multiple festivals, co-hosted gigs with artists we’ve recorded, and had a ball doing it.

Seeing the variety of artists that come through the doors of the Parlour Studio, watching them come to life with their unique and distinctive playing, and then sharing that with you, the viewers, is a pleasure none of us could take for granted.

The man running a lot of the Session’s behind the scenes, Ed Pipkin shared how he feels after a year, saying: “It’s crazy to think that it’s been a year already. The whole team is humbled by all of the praise and attention that everyone has shown towards the project since it’s beginning.

“Our phase 1 goal was to provide up and coming artists with a platform with which to showcase their talents to the world, and provide them with a professional looking and sounding video to add to their portfolio. And we feel that we have achieved this. There is loads more scope for the project to move forward in new ways which is really exciting. I think I speak for the whole team when I say that we can’t wait to provide another years worth of exciting and innovative sessions.”

We have so much more to come, so as always: keep your eyes peeled on RouteNote Sessions!

Routenote Sessions


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