Guitar Now – An Accessory That Teaches You Guitar In Minutes

A new Kickstarter wants to help aspiring guitarists start playing as soon as they pick up a guitar with their chord simulator – Guitar Now.

Guitar Now is an accessory for your guitar that attaches to the nut at the top of your guitars neck. Once attached you can use interchangeable ‘Chord Inserts’ to make chord shapes for you, so you only need to place your fingers on top and strum.

The Guitar Now currently comes with 3 Chord Inserts, for G major, D major, and C major; if their Kickstarter goal is reached they plan to add an A minor chord as well. Guitar Now doesn’t just want to help you easily learn the building blocks of guitar but aims to toughen you up to continue your playing too. Unfortunately it’s not a Rocky montage, but in fact ‘Callus Builder’ buttons. The raised buttons sit on the Chord Inserts where you’re fingers go to show where you need to press but also act to toughen your fingertips for playing on strings, something that beginners often struggle with.

This product clearly isn’t aimed for professionals, or even the amateur guitarists and rather focusses on helping those who’ve never picked a guitar up before. Guitar Now could also act as a great tool for guitar teachers to use with their students early on.

You can find out more and back the Guitar Now from their Kickstarter here:

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