Last year’s GRAMMY’s CEO says that the award show is rigged calling out one artist in particular.

The GRAMMY’s awards ceremony is under fire with a bunch of allegations at the moment – the latest being that the awards are rigged. Former president and CEO Deborah Dugan has spoken out against the recording academy.

Dugan was placed on administrative leave last week after taking over from Neil Portnow last August. Whilst the board accused Dugan of misconduct she has hit back with allegations of discrimination, sexual harassment, and corruption including the rigging of the awards.

Dugan claims that the board have been selecting artists who are being considered for a nomination to sit on the voting committee for the category they’re nominated within. She says “one artist who initially ranked 18 out of 20 in the 2019 ‘Song of the Year’ category” was nominated regardless.

She claims that there artist or one of her nominated producers were able to sit themselves on the nomination committee for ‘Song of the Year’. Reddit user ‘laughmusic‘ has looked into the claims and seems to think that Dugan is referring to Brandi Carlile and her track ‘The Joke’.

Along with her attorney, Douglas Wigdor, Dugan has been tearing apart the awards show and recording academy. Wigdor says: “The GRAMMY’s really is on life support right now. The statements they’re giving about Ms. Dugan creating a toxic work environment, getting the executive board members to make statements – they are in panic mode right now.”

Previous GRAMMY’s CEO Neil Portnow has faced allegations of misconduct and rape from a female musician. Portnow has called these allegations “ludicrous” and “untrue”.

This year’s GRAMMY Awards ceremony starts this Sunday despite the controversy.