Fender are exploring a new area with the launch of their very own Bluetooth speakers with the iconic silver-face amp look to them.

Fender have launched 2 standalone Bluetooth amps; the Newport and Monterey, designed to fit in with any Fender amp collection. Using a classic Fender amp design the new speakers look like mini versions of Fender’s renowned guitar and bass amps, but are actually for streaming audio.

The look is inspired by Fender’s classic ’68 Custom amps for a retro style that looks fit to be pumping out crisp audio. Not just the silver grilles on the front, the speaker also uses witch-hat knobs from the classic design, as well as the amp jewel and control labels.

Fender claim they wanted to bring their quality sound design beyond just instrument amplification, saying: “From our first PA system in the 1930s to our game-changing instruments and amplifiers, our heritage is built on creating innovative musical technology. We know crystal-clear, powerful sound—it’s what we did first, and what we do best. Now, Fender brings our stage-ready style, performance and sound to your home or office.”

The speakers are named after the Newport and Monterey Pop festivals. The Monterey is the bigger of the two with 120W of power running through a quad driver system of two woofers and two tweeters. The Newport is the smaller 30W version that retains it’s bigger brother’s quality with a rechargeable battery capable of 12 hours of music.

Fender Monterey Bluetooth Speaker

Fender bluetooth speaker amplifier classic custom

  • 120-watt Bluetooth speaker
  • Quad-driver system: two woofers, two tweeters
  • 33-foot+ Bluetooth range; mic with echo cancellation
  • 3.5mm auxiliary input jack
  • RCA connectors for pre-amp-equipped turntables
Fender Newport Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Fender Newport portable bluetooth speaker

  • 30-watt Bluetooth speaker
  • Tri-driver system: two woofers, one tweeter
  • 33-foot+ Bluetooth range; mic with echo cancellation
  • 3.5mm auxiliary input jack
  • USB port to charge external devices

Find out more and get one for yourself here.