Google opening a YouTube store in London for YouTubers

In the next month YouTube will open up a unique YouTube shop of YouTuber merch called the ‘Creator Store’ as part of their London YouTube Space.

YouTube’s Creator Store will open within the next 4 weeks on the ground floor of Google’s office in Kings Cross, London. The store will offer merchandise from a group of the most popular YouTubers that have been designed in collaboration between the video creators and a team of designers and branding teams.

Merchandise offered in the store will include t-shirts, books, mugs, photo frames, and more. Google are also going to use the store for a number of book signings and product releases, assumably all YouTube related. According to a senior programme strategist at YouTube, Darlington Howard, all profits made will go to the creators themselves.

With popular YouTubers holding a niche level of celebrity they shouldn’t have any trouble selling a bunch of t-shirts with their face on, and books about how “one day I just picked up the camera and now, here I am”.

The store is being built as an addition to the YouTube Space in the same building. Google have YouTube Spaces in various places around the world, offering a place for creators to record videos in a professional environment with quality equipment. Some of the equipment isn’t even available to purchase, or at least not easily, like 360-degree recording cameras.

If you’re in the Kings Cross area look out for YouTube’s new Creator Store opening in the next 4 weeks at Google’s 11 storey office.

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