The Moonraker is a new speaker system from Bossa that screams mid-century modernism with its uniquely beautiful and alien design.

Moonraker’s appeal clearly stems from its gorgeous, stand-out appearance that takes you back to the modern art styles of mid-century furnishings. Beyond it’s space-like shell however is a sophisticated sound system that also offers a crisp and powerful sound.

Moonraker’s curved polymer shell has been carefully engineered to minimize resonances and diffraction. The result is a loudspeaker with exceptional imaging qualities and a remarkable lack of harshness. The sound is lush and detailed, bringing you closer to the music.

Good design means simple, intuitive controls. Moonraker gives you the control you need without the superfluous functions you don’t. The speaker system comes with a remote control for controlling volume, functions, playback and more.

Immersive sound requires a wide sound-stage that all-in-one speakers can’t provide. Moonraker includes two separate bi-amplified speakers to bring you the best possible listening experience.

Moonraker can work with your wired devices through optical and coaxial inputs for TV’s and devices, as well as analog inputs for stereo systems. Moonraker also has wireless functionality with a Bluetooth connection powered by apt-x and AAC.

The speaker’s legs are crafted out of the finest wood by skilled craftsmen. There are 3 finishes available, featuring Black Walnut, Reclaimed Teak, White Ash.

The Moonraker sound system is available to purchase now for $2399 here: