Get your music on Qobuz and Qub Musique free with RouteNote

Getting your music on the world’s top services doesn’t need to be difficult. Get your music on all of the top services in the world with RouteNote – free and easy.

Qobuz are experts in high definition music, offering high quality streaming and downloads to listeners around the globe. The French company has been offering the best in music as long as Spotify, and has been expanding to countries around the world including the UK, Germany, Italy, and Spain to bring their huge catalogue of lossless, high definition music.

We’re proud to be partnered with these purveyors of the best sounding music available to bring independent artists and labels from all over the world onto their platform. Anyone can upload their high quality music to us for free distribution to Qobuz as well as all of the other biggest music platforms in the world to reach brand new listeners and earn money from music.

Qobuz have partnered with Qub Musique to bring their catalogue to even more lovely listeners and make sure no-one is missing the party (the party arriving when your music is played, of course!). This means that when you upload your music to Qobuz with RouteNote you will be heard even further on Qub Musique.

Qub was launched by Canadian company Québecor as the first Quebec founded music streaming service. It offers over 50 million tracks and loads of playlists created by local curators and hopes to shine a spotlight on their local music scene whilst also sharing the incredible selection of talent around the world.

In case that wasn’t exciting enough, Qobuz are expanding into Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Australia, and New Zealand – so more listeners hearing your tracks in the best possible resolution wherever they are!

You can create a free account at and then you can upload unlimited music releases to all of our partner stores including Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, TIDAL, Deezer, Pandora, Tencent, and so many more. You get paid with every stream and download and we send your earnings on to you.

You keep 85% of all the money your music makes or, for a small upfront cost, you can distribute on our Premium tier and keep 100% of your streaming and download revenue. There is no lock-in so you can come and go at any time.

We value freedom and choice in music – so if you choose to use RouteNote, then sign up today and start distributing.

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