Get touchscreen control of Steinberg’s Cubase and Nuendo DAWs

CubaZen is a creative new piece of software to give you a completely new type of control over Steinberg DAWs.

The creative forces of Zen DAW and Plugivery have come together to make Steinberg completely touchable. CubaZen is the result of their partnership and they describe it as an “innovative Touch Workspace” designed to re-invent how it’s possible to create, record and produce with Steinberg’s Cubase and Nuendo programs.

The application works on Windows 7 and higher PCs and gives touchscreen control from “any physical touchscreen found on the market” over your PC DAWs. The app gives users touchscreen control to more than 300 Cubase and Nuendo commands and functions with a streamlined design created to make sense in your flow.

Ready to use gesture assignments cover most transport commands performed by users, such as: select, zoom, hide/show channel etc. Users will find tons of clearly organized direct commands, in well designed menus that cover most actions used all the time from a simple “touch” on the screen.

CubaZen runs under Windows 7 and above. 16″ to 24″ Touchscreen Monitors are recommended but CubaZen has proved to work perfectly well on bigger touch screens as well.

CubaZen doesn’t install software drivers or overlays within Cubase/Nuendo.
It natively lives within Windows’ built-in touch OS environment. It is therefore super stable compared to other Touchscreen controllers found on the market.

• CubaZen runs under Windows 7 to 10.
• No coding or drivers needed.
• Ready to use workflow within Cubase 9 and Nuendo 10 or above
• Over 300 ready to use (pre-mapped) Cubase/Nuendo touch screen actions.
• Built within Windows touch OS for rock solid stability (No drivers are installed within Cubase/Nuendo).
• CubaZen Templates automatically adapts to your touchscreen monitor size.
• CubaZen commands are easy to memorize thanks to smart color codes, menu titles, and personalized button icons.
• CubaZen looks good. You feel happy working with it. It improves your workflow.

• 9 Elegant Toolbar Presets to best fit your personal workflow.
• Combine Selection Tools.
• Creative Workspaces.
• Retrospective Midi Recording.
• VST Preset Browsing.

Menu Section Controls include: Audio, Add Tracks, Edit, Quantize, Zoom, Notes, Velocity, Pitch, Save, Solo Mode, etc.

Full Transport Functions include: Start/Stop, Record, Play Selection, Go to Left Locator, Go to Right Locator, Fast Rewind, Move Forward, Fast Forward, Loop & Play Selection, Return to Start Position, Snap to Previous Marker, Snap to Next Marker, Insert Marker, etc.

You can get a demo version to try it out, or get it on sale right now for $49 – it’s usually $65.

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