Get retro video game sounds in this free plugin from Teenage Engineering’s OP-1

Channel your younger self with the classic sounds of chiptune sound effects completely free to create with and use in your music.

There’s a lot of love for old video game sounds online and it’s even heard in some of the top charting tracks as samples or retro throwbacks. All it can take is a simple ‘Listen!‘ to send us back to our childhoods.

Reflekt Audio have a sweet little gift if you’re looking to infuse some console-based nostalgia into your music. Their GameX plugin provides a platter of custom beeps and boops, boings and zaps that will take you right back to the truly classic Nintendo days.

The user interface has been designed to look like it’s a cute little video game controller itself. It packs 85 one shot sounds in there for you to play with from error message sounds to jumping swishes and more.

What’s more, this plugin was created from the OP-1 device that the amazing people at Teenage Engineering created.

Get GameX as a free virtual instrument for Windows and Mac here.
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