Get a free Techno sample pack full of drums, FX and more

Producer and DJ trio Diode Eins are treating everyone to a free pack of quality samples to celebrate the release of their new EP.

To celebrate the launch of their new Hymenoptera EP, the talented trio behing Diode Eins have launched a mega pack full of amazing Techno sounds. Their Peak Time sample pack is made up of many of the wicked sounds that can be found on their EP and is totally free to download.

They are offering over 100 drum hits and loops as well as loads of melodic and FX elements with sound effects, bass loops, pad hits and more all labelled by BPM and key to make production simple to jump into.

Check out the sounds included on their SoundCloud below:

If you’re interested in getting these awesome sounds for free then click here. 

If you enjoy the sounds included then check out the music from Diode Eins where it all comes from:


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