Find your most listened to tracks this year with Apple Music Replay 2020

You can now view your Replay 2020 playlist early and keep an eye on which songs rise and fall throughout the rest of the year.

Much like Spotify Wrapped, Apple Music have their own Replay playlists detailing your most listened to tracks of the year.

To find your top 100 tracks of the year so far, simply head to Apple Music on the web, here you’ll find your yearly playlists and be able to ‘Add’ it to your library. The playlist will then appear on your ‘Recently Added’ in the app.

The playlist updates weekly, giving you a view of the music you discovered and loved this year.

The idea of an updating top 100 list is a nice idea and throwback to iTunes’ live updating ‘Top 25 Most Played’ playlist, which would detail your most played tracks overall, rather than year-by-year.

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