Fender’s new line of American Performer guitars updates their American Special range which they’ve worked closely with performing musicians for guitars tailored to guitarists.

Fender have been working closely with performing artists to update their American Special range. Their new American Performer series, aptly named from it’s performers inspiration, follows two years of refining the design of their famous Stratocaster and Telecaster guitars whilst iconic designs like the Jazzmaster and Mustang also get a new lease of life.

Fender used their offices in Hollywood to work with a range of musicians heading to numerous nearby recording studios who gave their opinions and criticisms on Fender’s renowned guitars. New features include brand new Yosemite pickups created just for their new range, DoubleTap humbucking pickups, ClassicGear tuning machines, special circuitry, and enhanced electronics. In addition some 70’s aesthetics will enhance the new guitars.

In a statement Fender said: “The American Performer Series blends traditional Fender design with new elements for modern tone and performance. Together, the updates deliver sonic versatility, tonal flexibility and ease of use for performers, helping them create the perfect sound for every musical genre.”

Fender’s executive vice-president of product, Justin Norvell spoke on how the new range will faithfully recreate these guitar icons with modern enhancements that don’t take away what have always made these guitars so special. He said: “We put a lot more into these in prior iterations. A Stratocaster from ten paces looks like a Stratocaster.”

Newly designed Yosemite pickups

  • These alnico pickups deliver sonic versatility and tonalities to help create your perfect sound across every musical genre.

Patent-pending DoubleTap humbucking pickups

  • An innovative product design that incorporates a coil-splitting system to smoothly toggle between humbucking and single-coil pickup modes for even tone.
  • Provides full-throated humbucking and expressive single coil tonalities without the volume loss typical in split-coil pickups, so you get all the tonal flexibility without compromise.

ClassicGear vintage-modern tuning machines

    Vintage-style 18:1 drop-in replacement tuners help performers get the best of both worlds with classic styling and a modern gear ratio, so the guitar gets in tune easily and accurately—and stays in tune.

Enhanced electronics

  • A new push-pull pot provides different tonal features across models and the Greasebucket circuit cuts treble without loss of gain or clarity.
  • Allows you to add your neck pickup or tap your humbucking pickup with a quick push of the button and dial in your perfect tone on the fly.

The new line is available now at local dealers and on www.Fender.com. The following models are offered in all-new gloss colors and Satin finishes, including: Arctic White, Aubergine, Honeyburst, Penny, Satin Surf Green, Satin Sonic Blue and Satin Lake Placid Blue, among others:

  • American Performer Stratocaster $1,099.99
  • American Performer Stratocaster HSS $1,099.99
  • American Performer Telecaster $1,099.99
  • American Performer Telecaster HUM $1,099.99
  • American Performer Mustang $1,099.99
  • American Performer Jazzmaster $1,199.99
  • American Performer Precision Bass $1,199.99
  • American Performer Jazz Bass $1,199.99
  • American Performer Mustang Bass $1,199.99