Meditation and mindfulness app Headspace appoints award-winning singer/songwriter John Legend as Chief Music Officer, as the app dives into music content.

With 65 million users, Headspace steps up its music catalogue to compete with the likes of Calm. John Legend will be working with Headspace Studio, the new multi-platform studio creating and distributing mindful living content.

Legend comes as the platform launches their new Focus mode. Bringing “a special selection of Focus music and artists”. Designed by experts, Focus aims to give you more mental clarity, with content such as:

  • Music including 12 different “stations,”  each featuring focus-inspired playlists from different genres and themes like jazz, cinematic and piano. In addition, Legend will also curate a special Focus playlist composed by a different musician each month.
  • Exercises including dozens of meditations and mindfulness exercises content designed to support people in scenarios where they might need help focusing the most: before a presentation, difficult conversation or starting and/or ending the work day.
  • Soundscapes featuring 23 different ambient sound mixes to help users mask background distractions including “Rain on Canvas,” “Snowfall,” and “Lakeside Campfire.”

I’m so excited to join the Headspace team as Chief Music Officer. Songwriting and performing requires an incredible amount of mental focus, concentration, and present moment awareness. When I’m able to cancel out external noise and tune into a state of relaxed concentration, that’s when the creativity flows. That’s why I’m looking forward to helping others learn how to focus on what’s important to them – and I’ll be bringing some of my friends in the music industry along with me for the ride.

John Legend, CMO, Headspace

Increased stress and anxiety in our day-to-day lives have impaired our ability to focus. It’s challenging to concentrate on work, family, or even a simple task at hand when our reality is in such a period of flux and uncertainty. That’s why we are so proud to launch Headspace Focus with John Legend at a time when so many people around the world need some extra help concentrating on what matters most to them.

Sam Rogoway, Chief Content and Product Officer, Headspace

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