Spotify share their latest trends shaping summer 2020

Spotify give us an idea of what songs and podcasts people are adding to their playlists and listening to this summer.

In June, based on streaming data, Spotify made some early predictions at the tracks likely to make up Songs of Summer 2020.

While this year’s summer looks a bit different in most parts of the world, with many still stuck indoors, some countries are starting to ease lockdown restrictions, allowing us to soak up the sun. Spotify have taken a look at streaming trends over the last few months.

Between 5th May and 30th July users created 54,000 playlists globally dedicated to cycling, rolling skating and rollerblading.

Top songs for cycling-themed playlists include:

Between June and July, Spotify found a 92% increase in the creation of road trip playlists.

Top songs for road trip playlists include:

Podcasts that make their way in to road trip playlists include:

For Spotify’s own road trip playlists, check out Classic Road Trip Songs and 70s Road Trip.

While many are still stuck at home, users have created 1.3 million quarantine-themed playlists.

Popular adds between 5th May and 30th July for quarantine playlists include:

Spotify also note those spending lockdown alone, likely causing the recent spike in Whitney Houston – I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me).

There’s been a 120% uptick in the creation of staycation-themed playlists.

Top songs for staycation playlists include:

On the theme of staycation, hiking, star-gazing and marshmallow-roasting got a shoutout too, with a 140% increase in the creation of camping-themed playlists between June to July.

Top tracks for camping playlists include:

As well as songs for wetter days:

Boredom hit the world hard as summer started to show this year. Between 5th May and 30th July, Spotify counted 127,000 playlists with “bored” or “boredom” in the title.

Top tunes for bored playlists include:

The last few stats Spotify provide show July as the happiest month of 2020 so far, with listeners streaming more upbeat tracks than previous months. April is marked as the saddest month, with more downtempo tracks streaming around the world.

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