Have you ever found yourself flicking through your overpriced iPhone music apps and thinking “these are all great, but what would really complete my life would be if I could take them onto a stage with me, or go busking with them”

Of course you haven’t, only an idiot would confuse virtual music toys with real performance instruments. This, however, hasn’t stopped gadget company Evenno from creating, producing and now marketing the single most pointless iPhone accessory on the planet.

The Fingerist is essentially an iPhone holder that vaguely resembles a guitar and can be strapped around your neck. It has a small speaker built into what would be the guitar’s body, but if you’re booked to play the o2 fear not, it can also be plugged into an amplifier with a quater inch jack.

So, you may be thinking “this sounds like quite a cool little toy, stop being such a stick in the mud you miserable bastard” and I agree, I thought this until I saw how much one of these things cost; £210. You might be able to find it for cheaper on ebay or Amazon, but as of yet I’ve not seen them in stock anywhere other than the Japan Gadget Shop.

So, if you do fancy spending a hell of a lot of money for this novelty toy, be my guest and please let me know how it has worked out for you on twitter @monkeyhotel