Turn your voice to MIDI instantly with this amazing voice MIDI controller

Image Credit: Vochlea

With Dubler 2 vocal MIDI controller you can make beats and melodies that are exactly as you imagine them in your head by singing, humming or beatboxing into any microphone – and you can try it now for free.

New AI-powered software Dubler 2 from Vochlea lets you turn your voice to MIDI. You can change your beatboxing into a drum kit, and humming into synth chords for easy music production.

Dubler 2 is an update on the Dubler Studio Kit voice MIDI software, which was launched by Vochlea back in 2019. Dubler was a microphone and software that worked with AI-powered technology that meant you could use your voice as a live vocal MIDI controller.

Now Dubler has had an upgrade. Dubler 2 takes that concept and ditches the hardware, creating software that you can use with any dynamic microphone in any DAW.

Vochlea say the tool is aimed at “bridging the gap between mind and music.” Using AI-powered technology Dubler 2 learns your voice so you can play melodies and chords and trigger drum samples.

You can quickly make beats that you don’t yet have the production skills to create.

Dubler 2 runs on Windows and Mac in any DAW. The tool isn’t cheap – £189 for the software or £249 including USB microphone. You can give it a test run with a seven day free trial here.

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