Your voice is an instrument you never have to put down. Wouldn’t it be amazing to control synths and drumkits, even manipulate effects with it?

Dubler Studio Kit is a new software that transforms your voice into MIDI giving you unique control over instruments and effects. Using a custom, low latency USB microphone your musical experience is transformed with Dubler.

You can hum a melody that will be translated through a MIDI instrument into a digital piece of music. You can load up a virtual drumkit and beatbox out some rhythm and then manipulate filters and effects through a series of vocalisations. It offers up a completely new way of playing and creating digital music.

The creators say that they created Dubler Studio Kit to help release the musical ideas that come into our heads but get trapped there. They want Dubler not just to be a unique and fun way of creating but also as a way to release the musical ideas from our heads by simply vocalising them.

Here’s all you need to know:

  • Compatible with any DAW (Ableton/Logic/Reason/FL Studio/ProTools/GarageBand etc). 
  • Learns your voice in less than 60 seconds.
  • Allows you to use your voice as a live MIDI controller.
  •  Live pitch tracking for synth control.
  • Accurately select between, and trigger, up to 8 samples using your voice.
  •  Sustain sounds, samples and notes vocally.
  • Responsive to changes in velocity — takes all the information from exactly how you make a sound.
  •  Simultaneously talks to multiple MIDI channels— enabling sample triggering and synth control at the same time.
  • Control up to 4 CC [MIDI mapping] values based on the way you make a sound. Then easily map to anything from synth selection, effects controls, synth blending, filters and more.
  • Additional control of Pitch Bend and Envelope Following.
  • Works with non-vocal sounds too  — clap a beat or mic up an instrument.
  • Can be used to control effects and filters on other MIDI devices and instruments.
  •  Low latency [10-12ms] enabling real-time, live control.

Dubler Studio Kit is currently raising money via Kickstarter to release it’s software and microphone. For an early bird price of £175 or more you can nab yourself the software, microphone and USB cable for it’s planned launch in October. It’s planned retail price for the future is £300 / $395.