French speaker manufacturers Devialet have returned after unleashing their super-powerful Phantom speaker last year, and now it’s twice as powerful.

Okay, so the new Gold Phantom isn’t actually a risk to your face but it is incredibly powerful. The Gold Phantom, follow up to the Phantom Silver, packs an incredible 4,500 watts of power into it’s gorgeous, 22-carat gold coated package.

With that much power, that Devialet say is capable of 108db – twice as loud as 105db, it’s safe to say volume restriction isn’t an issue with this speaker. 108db is equivalent to a live rock concert – and a real one, not your local bar’s saturday night finest. Yes you could do some serious ear damage listening at that volume (for multiple hours) but it’s not intended to be maxed out every time you use it, perfect for hosting a giant party though – you only need the one speaker and it’s easily portable at a size that looks like it should be the cute robot mascot in the next Disney Star Wars film.

Devialet wireless noise sound loud power powerful

At 108db you probably won’t be able to discern it’s quality but at lower volumes you can tell that the Gold Phantom has power in volume and in clarity, with many testifying it’s quality to be way above many other mid-range and hi-end speakers. It’s small woofers mean it doesn’t have an especially powerful low-end but they’re still good and it reportedly doesn’t lose it’s distinctively good sound quality when pumping the volume up.

The Gold Phantom works wirelessly either via Devialet’s own mobile app, via Bluetooth, or by Spotify Connect. It unfortunately omits any possible wired connections but assuming you can spend $3000 on a speaker you’ll have the technology to connect wirelessly. Devialet say they want to add more wireless technologies to the platform in future, fingers crossed for Google Cast support.

wireless devialet music amp super loud

The Gold Phantom’s predecessors, the Phantom (750 watts) and the Silver Phantom (3000 watts), set an impressive bar for Devialet as inconceivably powerful speakers that weren’t hulking in size (roughly 13 x 10 x 10 inches). The Gold Phantom has just set the precedent even higher with unmatched loudness power for it’s size.

The Gold Phantom comes out this summer and can be yours for just $2,990. You’d better start saving as this is one extortionate price that actually matches the quality and capability of the product.