Deezer becomes the first audio streaming service to join the socially conscious Ad For Good Label

Image credit: Deezer

Deezer has joins the socially conscious Ad For Good Label, making it the fist audio streaming service to do so.

Deezer has announced that it has partnered with Ad For Good, a socially conscious advertising label. The label lets companies support meaningful change by donating at least 1% of their media budget to social or environmental causes. Ad For Good boasts an impressive clientele list that ranges from Cosmopolitan to Marie Claire (and many more).

The partnership also includes the integration of Boon.Today with Deezer‘s ad offering. Boon.Today is the leading technology provider for socially conscious ad solutions and the founder of Ad For Good. The partnership covers all of Deezer’s advertising markets, including France, Brazil, Germany, UK, US, The UAE, Turkey and the LATAM region. 

Using Boon.Today you will also be able to integrate audiovisual elements into ads on the platform. This way you can help inform users of the positive impact of the ads they are viewing. In addition to this, there is real-time data available that helps advertisers optimise their marketing budget.

Speaking on the partnership, Shaï Douillet, CEO, and co-founder of Boon explained: “We are delighted to have been chosen by a prestigious brand like Deezer. Our partnership will make it easier for brands to support social and environmental projects, and for Deezer to follow through on its purpose-driven advertising strategy.”

Emilie Proyart, VP of Advertising Sales at Deezer, adds: “It’s exciting to be the first audio streaming platform in the world to offer our partners, media agencies and brands the option to advertise in a socially conscious way. Technology from Ad for Good and Boon.Today will allow us to communicate responsibly to our users using audio, video and display ads. This is a first and important step for us to make a difference in the world, as part of our ongoing effort to work towards a better future with our clients.”

Boon.Today is the largest digital platform for conscious advertising and is used by hundreds of companies, a number that is likely to grow. As consumers demand a more ethical approach to business and advertising, companies like Ad For Good are likely to thrive in the coming years. This is a smart move by Deezer and one that should be celebrated by its users.

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