Headphone creators Master & Dynamic have teamed up with Spotify on a new pair of headphones that pays tribute to the Rolling Stones.

The custom headphones will initially be released exclusively to Rolling Stones’ “superfans” with a Spotify Premium subscription. Spotify will decide themselves who these superfans are, “identified based on various indicators including length and depth of listening to an artist or band on Spotify”.

Those who qualify as a Rolling Stones superfan will receive a voucher code by email that will allow them to buy the headphones. The headphones are a custom version of Master & Dynamic’s lauded MH40 headphones, uniquely emblemised with the iconic Stones’ tongue and lips, and come with a MP1000 headphone stand.

headphones Rolling Stones exclusive limited edition special audio music

The headphones aren’t cheap however, coming in at $499 for a pair compared to the standard version which costs about $325. Whilst you do get a $60 headphone stand thrown in with it you would have to truly be a Rolling Stones superfan to spend over $100 more on a pair of headphones for a custom patch on the side (which, by the way, is very small).

If you’re superfan enough you should have received an email now letting you know you can purchase a pair of the headphones early. Master & Dynamic plan to make them publicly available on July 13th, assuming there any left after the Rolling Stones VIP Spotify listeners get to them.

There are only 1,962 pairs of the headphones being made, to celebrate the year of the bands formation – 1962.