Latin music has taken the global stage and as Latin artists take the world by storm, Spotify puts a spotlight on Colombia.

Colombia’s vibrant music scene has transcended borders, captivating audiences worldwide with its distinctive sounds, spirited expressions, and dynamic personalities. From the electrifying rock of Jaunes to the magnetic moves of Shakira and the infectious blend of pop and vallenato by Carlos Vives, Colombian artists invite the world to groove and sing along in Spanish.

Colombia’s music scene thrives on its rich diversity, encompassing genres like urban, pop, vallenato, música popular colombiana, and salsa. These rhythmic tapestries offer a window into the vibrant culture and creativity that define Colombia.

A new article from Spotify explores the impact that Colombian music is having on the global stage. It’s highlighting its diverse landscape and the artists who proudly carry the “Made in Colombia” flag.

Colombian music is a global phenomenon:

  • 84% of Colombian artists’ Spotify streams come from international listeners. This demonstrates the widespread appeal of Colombian music, transcending language and cultural barriers.
  • Streams have increased by 206% internationally since 2018, showcasing the growing popularity of Colombian artists on the global music scene.
  • Mexico, the U.S., and Spain are the top three countries streaming Colombian artists, highlighting the diverse range of audiences captivated by their music.

Spotify’s role in connecting the world

Platforms like Spotify have played a crucial role in democratizing access to music, allowing anyone around the world to discover and enjoy Colombian music. Over 830 million user-generated playlists on Spotify feature at least one song by a Colombian artist, demonstrating the platform’s role in connecting audiences globally.

Spanish language music made up over 8% of the streams in the US last year, challenging English language music’s dominance. And that popularity spreads the world over.

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Spotify encourage listeners to discover their own taste of Colombia in their Made in Colombia playlist.

The most streamed Colombian artists in the world

Spotify listed the most popular Colombian artists based on their streams from all over the globe, in the last 5 years. The most streamed Colombian artists on Spotify in the last 5 years are J Balvin, KAROL G, Maluma, Shakira, Feid, and Sebastian Yatra.

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