TikTok are taking their Creativity Program out of beta, launching the Creator Rewards Program, which requires longer videos for monetization.

Last month, TikTok rolled out 30-minute uploads to select creators and started encouraging longer landscape videos, with boosted views. Now, it seems TikTok are doubling down on longer videos. At TikTok’s US creator summit in Los Angeles earlier this week, TikTok announced the revival of their Creativity Program, which launched in beta last year and closed in November, is relaunching as the Creator Rewards Program.

Thanks to the Creativity Program, TikTok says total creator revenue increased by over 250% within the last 6 months and that the number of creators making $50,000 each month nealy doubled. Since rolling out longer videos in 2022, TikTok says users are spending 50% of their time watching longer content, with viewership of longer videos increasing nearly 40% over the last 6 months.

With the new Creator Rewards Program, TikTok are “rewarding high-quality, original content over a minute long with an optimized rewards formula focused on 4 key areas: originality, play duration, search value and audience engagement.” This 60-second minimum limit is a new addition, with the old program having no length requirement.

One of the biggest complaints of the previous program was low payouts. Some creators reported only seeing a few dollars per millions of views. Hopefully this renewed program will help rectify this issue.

Announced alongside the new Creator Rewards Program was an expansion of TikTok’s LIVE Subscriptions. LIVE Subscriptions rewards a creator’s paying fans with exclusive content and benefits, such as Badges, Personalized Emojis, Exclusive Content and Community Communication. This deepen the relationship between a creator and their most engaged community, as well as increases revenue. LIVE Subscriptions is being expanded as simply Subscriptions, bringing the feature to non-livestreaming creators. Subscriptions is invite-only to start, but eligible creators will be able to sign up in the coming weeks.

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