It’s time to grab your two step shoes and neck brace – “Running From Tomorrow” is set to ignite the dancefloor.

Calling all Dubstep producers and fans! Artists X/L & NEMBUS have fused Dubstep and Future sounds into a two-step worthy headbanger. “Running From Tomorrow” will be live on streaming sites & stores on June 9th, but you can get your hands on an exclusive sample pack if you read on!

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Get free samples with “Running From Tomorrow” by X/L & NEMBUS

“Running From Tomorrow” is a mix of heavy snares, shimmering saw waves and thick bass growls. In fact, the track lures you into a false sense of security with its Future synth melodies and two steps riffs before the noise builds up and you’re smacked with a gritty growl bass that will catch you off guard.

Don’t even think about catching a breath either. Though the saw waves provide a space to recuperate, X/L & NEMBUS clearly couldn’t control themselves as they’ve written some intricate 8th note fills which are bound to get some sort of crowd wave going.

If you want to experience this whirlwind for yourself, click on the link below and bag yourself a FREE sample pack from NEMBUS that includes over 30 samples and pre-save “Running From Tomorrow” to your Spotify library!

Once you’ve given your name & email you’ll be taken to a page where you can connect your Spotify account. Here, you’ll have to pre-save “Running From Tomorrow” to your Spotify library. You should receive an email with the sample pack once connected.