Love Supreme Review – The amazing festival’s 5th anniversary proves Jazz will never die

Britain’s greatest celebration of jazz returned for its 5th year last weekend and saw jazz legends from back in the day and rising stars alike put on a killer festival.

Up near the Brighton coast for the past 5 years a small festival has been held as a showcase of the amazing jazz, funk and soul artists around today – particularly jazz. Set on the beautiful grounds of Glynde Place Love Supreme never fails to provide an incredible weekend of music, community and an overall atmosphere of pure, unfiltered beauty.

Of course it’s unfortunately too late in the timeline for the legends like Miles Davis and John Coltrane (although the dedication is right there in the festival’s name). That said, the templates and precedent set by the golden age of jazz is seen ever clearly in the range of incredible and talented acts performing every year at Love Supreme.

Love Supreme jazz funk and soul festival beautiful music gorgeous place review
Herbie Hancock – A true jazz legend


This was my second year at Love Supreme after being blown away by the location, music and ambience of last year’s festival. This year Love Supreme managed to secure a couple of old-school legends for the bill with jazz guitar virtuoso-come-R&B star George Benson taking the main stage and legendary keyboardist and jazz-fusion innovator Herbie Hancock.

George Benson lit up the crowd with nostalgia as young and old alike came together to sing and sway to his soulful crooning that, at 74, sounded as quality as ever. Herbie Hancock opted for the more personal Big Top stage, the biggest of their tent stages which was perfect for diverse and intimate jazz that emanated from Herbie and his talented band which featured Terrace Martin on the drums.



Love Supreme jazz funk and soul festival beautiful music gorgeous place review
Christian Scott performed with his full heart and soul



The Big Top also played host to Christian Scott who blew away audiences with his incredibly powerful and intimate tracks. As he has become notorious for, Scott went off on monologues describing his connection with each band member and the stories behind some of his songs. Putting context behind the players you’re watching and the composition’s you’re hearing give a whole new dimension to Scott’s pieces however the staff clearly weren’t ready for such a long talk as Scott was being rushed off stage towards his last song.

Kamasi Washington was back for another year, upgraded from the Big Top to the main stage. However deserving I feel Kamasi is of any notoriety I felt that the stage didn’t suit Kamasi’s epic pieces and powerful builds with restricted sound. Last year’s performance blew me away thanks to the intimacy of the Big Top and Kamasi’s absolute power over the sax, this year I didn’t stick around to the end of his set.

Love Supreme jazz funk and soul festival beautiful music gorgeous place review
Robert Glasper killed his set as always

Other notable acts include the Robert Glasper Experiment who shined with Glasper seamlessly moving between tracks and incorporating his renowned covers of Roxanne and Smells Like Teen Spirit, which got the crowd going wild. The Jackson’s rocked the main stage following their recent regrouping, which I heard was great – I however had other priorities.

Badbadnotgood were slated as my favourite to see after their recent album ‘IV’ blew my tits off with gorgeous jazz blended with hip-hop and electric noise. Whether it was the stage, set-up or their mood I don’t know but their performance wasn’t the blow-away event I was hoping for. Still a pretty wild ride, however.

When it came time for the night there was a choice between the great DJ’s on, including Nightmares On Wax, at the Green and Blue bar, hidden away between the woods. There was also a range of music in The Arena tent which became home to multiple dance trains and chants of “Ohhhh Jeremy Corbyn“.

Love Supreme jazz funk and soul festival beautiful music gorgeous place review
The Green in Blue bar was home to the nighttime ravers

I also had the pleasure of seeing my friends in Têtes De Pois play on the bandstand in the centre of the festival. The lovely Leeds lot played a killer set of their sophisticated originals and even a jazzed up cover of Redbone by Childish Gambino. Têtes De Pois got to play the Bandstand after winning a competition between 3 other artists to play there, the runners-up ‘The Thirteen Club‘ also happen to be a RouteNote artist I’ve liked for a long time – so that was all very cool.

Now one of the things that made me fall in love with Love Supreme festival so much last year was it’s atmosphere. Thanks to still being a fairly niche event the crowds are normally dedicated fans and muso’s who have come to have a good time and enjoy great music. Young and old alike, t-totallers and joint smoking teenagers can all co-exist in a land where all that matters is amazing music, being happy and loving one another. Love Supreme never fails to create this ambience.

Beyond the music there’s the food and drink. Whilst the food was once again top quality from a MASSIVE range of independent outlets featuring everything from paella, black pudding hotdogs, duck burgers, and plenty for the vegan and veggies. Drinks were a different story: Of course we all know festival drinks are overpriced but £5.50 for a coke can’s worth of beer is quite honestly a joke, as is paying almost a tenner for a double with mixer. This resulted in many sneaking drinks in, which were thankfully allowed in the campsite.

Love Supreme jazz funk and soul festival beautiful music gorgeous place review
The gorgeous expanse of countryside that surrounds Love Supreme

And then finally the location. Set in a gorgeous valley surrounded by trees and hills with the glorious looking Glynde Place looking down over the festival. The surrounding countryside really completes the beauty that is held at Love Supreme festival.

Despite weather predictions the sun was blazing on both Saturday on Sunday, and I like to think the love and beauty that encapsulates Love Supreme helped clear the skies for my favourite festival on earth.

It truly is A Love Supreme.

Tickets for Love Supreme 2018 go on sale tomorrow – 06/07/2018 – for super early bird price of 30% off. Find out more at :

What the hell is this scary instrument straight from nightmares

This instrument sounds like nothing else, which might be for the best as it sounds like a terrifying horror movie.

The Apprehension Engine is a one-of-a-kind instrument commissioned by Mark Koven, a composer who has worked on films like Cube and The Witch. With a talent for creating the spine-tingling soundtracks of massive horror movies Koven went looking for something truly unique and unsettling.

Koven commissioned his friend and luthier Tony Duggan-Smith to create a completely distinctive instruments that could create scares like never before. The result is a terror-inducing sound-maker with tools for a whole host of different spooky noises built into one piece.

Koven said of the instrument: “My good friend Tony Duggan-Smith built this musical instrument for me, with the intention of using it in horror film score. It consists of metal rulers which are bowed, a huge gurdy-like mechanism, a string played with an attached ebow, a spring reverb (also played with an ebow) some long metal rods, magnets, trash, anything at all to get unnerving sounds.”

Speaking on how it compares to modern sound production in horror and thrillers, Tony said: “One of my favourite things about this instrument is that there are no files, folders, sub-directories that you need to open to modify the sounds being created. You just have to use your hands and occasionally a screw driver. It was a blast to build and it can be endlessly modified with more crazy, more scary…”

I personally can’t wait to hear some of these beautifully scary sounds used in film to make scenes of a brand new intensity. The Apprehension Engine’s creator Tony says that they are currently finalising version 2 of which they will make 10 for “some wonderfully creative people”.

If you are interested in getting in touch with Tony about his creation you can contact him for more details at

The RouteNote team’s Songs for the Summer 2017

Every day in the RouteNote office is filled with music, whether it be the awesome stuff uploaded to us or our own office playlist streaming all our favourite tunes through the Sonos.

With the sunny season finally here for another year the team have shared the songs that make our summers.

Real Estate – The Bend

What’s that you hear? Summer? The definitive surf shack song straight from the sun itself!

Puscifer – Momma Sed

This is my summer track as I used to blast it a lot while driving to work or round the coast during the summer a few years back.

Hiatus Kaiyote – Nakamarra

I first heard this song from a distant land as I paddled down the Mississippi River. I was drawn to it from afar like a sailor to a siren.

Groove Armada – At The River

That’s me! The entirety of Groove Armada’s Vertigo is brilliant chilled house and the perfect soundtrack for any summer evening, or day if you wanna be like that. At The River is arguably the peak of their vibe-packed album.

Lowlife – Ramified

It was the summer of 69′ when I first heard this record. Man, we were killin’ time, we were young and restless. We needed to unwind, I guess nothin’ can last forever, forever? no.

Clean Bandit – Symphony (Myth of Unity cover)

I selected this song for an old school style on a new track that just draws you back in time and time again.

Oceansize – Commemorative 9/11 T-Shirt

Asking me to round down my favourite things into a singular certain thing is a one way ticket to existential dread. If I happen upon a particular aisle in the supermarket, let’s say one that contains frozen treats, then inexorably I will end up pacing back and forth between two or three prime contenders for selection – My brain caught in a feedback loop.
This only ends at the realisation that my indecision has caused me to be ten minutes late for work. You might be wondering what exactly this has to do with the RouteNote Summer List – Well my analysis paralysis put me in mind of Commemorative T-shirt by Oceansize.
Also I got a Solero.

Fatboy Slim – Don’t Let the Man Get You Down

I like the way it builds up into a funky beat and the repeating sample makes it easy to sing and get down to.

Moonchild – Cure

I wanted to choose a song with a lighthearted, chilled vibe and as the amazing Moonchild have just conveniently released an entire album of summer feel good tunes it was the perfect option, this song is one of my faves from the album!

Jacob Miller – Baby I Love You So

Summer doesn’t feel right without thick bass lines and songs about love.

Dan Auerbach – Shine On Me

The Black Keys have always tickled my fancies and this latest single by lead man Dan Auerbach makes me want to tickle them back.

Los Porcos – Do You Wanna Live

It’s a fun track that gets me every summer

Beastie Boys – Just a Test

Although I was born in the 90’s, it transports me to the rise of Hip Hop, Skate Culture and Graffiti. Hard to imagine anyone would need another reason to listen to this killer track.

Funkshone – Purification Pt. 1

I heard it a party and asked them when it was released thinking he was going to say 1965 but i then found out it was 2006! Made me pleased that people are still going for that retro sound.

Samaris – R4vin

I stumbled across Samaris while watching Youtube videos of the ‘Icelandic Airwaves’ festival. A great trip-hop/electronic band somewhere between Portishead and The Knife.

Grouch – Soul Provider

I chose it because Jacca told me I had to.

Smashing Pumpkins – Mayonaise

A hellish slice of spangled, nostalgic, luminescent face melt.

Will Smith – Summertime

Big Willy style, say no more

MAX MANIE – Laura (Alex Schulz Remix)

I like this song cause I can see myself drinking a nice cold beer on the beach while hearing this in the background.

Metronome – The Bay

I like the funk and I saw someone pee those benches last time I was in Torquay.

Portugal, The Man – Feel It Still

It’s just an all round feel good track

Finland’s ‘Spotify of Karaoke’ raise €1.75M to launch their startup

Singa is a karaoke app startup that lets you bust out the mics and belt your favourite tunes with friends no matter where you are.

Singa is a music karaoke startup based in Helsinki, but they’re not just making another karaoke machine – this is karaoke with a difference. Singa is an app for mobile devices, computers and Smart TVs that allows you to get the lyrics scrolling and the music going anywhere.

Singa offers up 20,000 fully licensed songs in karaoke form with hits from top artists like Beyoncé, Adele, Bruno Mars, Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Johnny Cash, Radiohead, Eminem, Queen and many more iconic artists. Not just for fun, Singa also offers feedback on your singing with a Premium option that analyses your timing, sustain and pitch to advise your singing.

Singa’s co-founder and CEO, Atte Hujanen says: “Over my 10 years in the karaoke industry running Karaoke World Championships, I worked with big and small karaoke companies all over the world, from Asia to the U.S., and gained insight into the industry and saw that while most other entertainment media were moving towards streaming, karaoke was still stuck in the 90s.”

Hujanen felt that this was unfair, saying: “This was a huge disservice to karaoke singers and represented a massive opportunity for a company that understood both the industry and software-led disruption.” With that in mind Hujanen built her team to create Singa apps for iOS, Android, computers, Apple TV and SmartTV.

Singa Danish app karaoke spotify singing music streaming online mobile application for web and TV

Singa recently got a major boost by raising €1.75 million in a seed funding round led by Initial Capital. Investors included Tamares Holdings, Superhero Capital, Reaktor Ventures and Tekes.

Hujanen continued: “With Singa you no longer need DVDs, CDGs, downloads, expensive custom hardware or any other kind of unnecessary hassle. Singa makes it easy to sing anytime, anywhere and on any device, for both consumers and for any venue providing a stage.

“The only thing we care about is providing the best singing experience. We don’t focus on gimmicks, rather we wake up every day thinking how the singing experience can be improved. For instance, we are the only one’s who have truly digitized karaoke and gotten rid of the cringeworthy clichés of “old school” karaoke videos and graphics. Our content is rendered in realtime, which means it’s always optimised whether you’re singing off your 700″ 4K television or the screen on your internet connected toaster.”

Mashup your fave hits from Smash Mouth, Kanye West + more with the Magic iPod

A new site lets you mashup the biggest hits of yester-decade together creating what was probably intended as a meme, and came out amazing.

If you’ve spent any time at all on the internet you probably know that All Star by Smash Mouth can and will be mashed up with anything; song, quote, even itself. Now a new site lets you take control and mix together a bunch of the biggest hits from last decade surprisingly effectively.

The site has two sides, one of the year’s biggest rap hits and the other side of all the pop singles from that era. All you have to do is simply drag your choice of rap track over to a compatible song and alakazam you have a new song. Some of them are worth it for the hilarity, like Move Bitch with anything, and others actually work ridiculously well, for example Kanye West’s Touch The Sky with Seven Nation Army is a banger.

The list features hits from DMX, Lil Jon, Eminem, Kanye, Nelly, Ludacris, 50 Cent and many others. On the other side you have some of the biggest hits including Red Hot Chili Peppers, Paramore, Fall Out Boy, Greenday and of course the eternal Smash Mouth.

Check the site out for yourself and create some great/awful mash-ups with a tinge of nostalgia for yesteryear:

A spray-on touchpad for your guitar? This is the future

Electrick is a new technology that allows you to spray pretty much any surface to enable it as a touch input, meaning you can transform your instruments into touchpads.

You’ve no doubt seen the crazy combinations of technology and instruments out there already, guitars with theremins, keyboards with sequencers and synthesisers built in, and so on. Electrick is different, using electric field tomography to make any surface touch sensitive – opening a massive host of potential for music.

The spray conducts electricity meaning that any surface attached becomes live with the potential to connect it up for a whole range of uses. The electrodes tracks touch as it measures voltage across it’s area, reacting to any human touch. Spray it onto guitar, connect that to your computer and suddenly you have access to a whole new layer. Use it to turn on effects, add tremolo, or anything you can imagine being done with your touch!

The developers say: “Our technique can also bring touch interactivity to rapidly fabricated objects, including those that are laser cut or 3D printed. Through a series of studies and illustrative example uses, we show that Electrick can enable new interactive opportunities on a diverse set of objects and surfaces that were previously static.”

Distort your guitar AND the truth with Brexit Means Brexit distortion pedal

Since last year’s vote to leave the EU there have been a lot of ups and downs, next in the ups is this Brexit themed distortion pedal from Tate Fx.

The Brexit Means Brexit pedal is a super hot-rodded Rat type distortion pedal for instruments. Taking inspiration from last year’s referendum where the UK decided to leave the European Union the pedal features 3 of the biggest names in the build-up and aftermath.

Named after the Conservative’s favourite referendum line – “Brexit means Brexit” – the pedal is engraved with the images of Nigel Farage, Prime Minister Theresa May and Michael Gove. Nigel Farage and Michael Gove both spearheaded the campaign to leave the EU and Theresa May is now leading the government as Britain exits (though perhaps not for much longer). The pedal features three knobs for controlling your tone: Racism, Recession and Farage.

The Brexit Means Brexit pedal uses the OP07 IC. It goes from a nice light gain crunch all the way to borderline fuzz overload. The ‘Farage’ knob distorts (the truth) the more you increase and the ‘Recession’ knob helps you cut through the mix. All Tate Fx pedals are handmade in England complete with etch PCB’s.

The Brexit Means Brexit pedal isn’t the only political instrument pedal offered by Tate Fx. There is also a special Bullshit Booster pedal – featuring Donald Trump on the front, the Bullshit Booster is a clean boost capable of up to 20db of boost for guitar and/or bass.

The Bullshit Booster pedal is available in limited stock for £70 from Pedalboards of Doom. The Brexit Means Brexit pedal is available for £75, also from Pedalboards of Doom.

How to make the bass even funkier, add 8 more strings to it

When played right the bass guitar is a funky as f–k instrument, but it turns out the more strings you add the funkier it gets.

YouTuber Davie504 takes on musical challenges from his users on a regular basis. After switching his guitar strings for bass strings and playing a bass with 8 strings attached Davie decided to take it an extra level further. This is a bass with 12 strings, and this is how epic it sounds:

This music has been made using science to relieve dogs’ anxiety

Plenty of studies show that music has a positive effect on dogs, particularly reggae, but this song is tailor-made to de-stress .

It has been scientifically proven that music can relax dogs and be a massive help for generally anxious dogs. With that in mind one dog’s owner took to creating music designed just for dogs to chill out to with his stressed and tense dog Daisy as his muse.

Daisy’s owner, singer-songwriter Gnash, decided to create music to sooth his dogs tension after attempting medication and animal behaviour therapy. Gnash heard about the positive effects of reggae and got in contact with Professor Neil Evans, Dr. Fiona Dowell and student Amy Bowman from the University of Glasgow to discuss how to go about creating his music for dogs.

They told Gnash that: “The song shouldn’t be overly complex. A steady tempo on the drums is quite good.” They go on to say: “There’s a couple of papers that suggest that having a ten second repeat in music synchronises your respiratory and your cardiovascular systems.”

Although reggae seemed to prevalent for good vibes in dogs, the track Gnash went into the studio and recorded became a much more ambient, relaxing piano piece. The effects were seen even during the recording of the track when Daisy cuddled into one of Gnash’s friends who hadn’t been able to come close to her before.

The power of calming music for dogs is being utilised specifically in dog shelters where lots of dogs have issues with anxiety and stress due to past trauma. After creating his composition Gnash took his music to be trialled at a dog adoption shelter. Speaking on the experience, he said: “It was a powerful experience to watch an entire room full of dogs, and my own rescue dog Daisy, react to this song. It was incredible to be able to create music that transcends human emotion and has the ability to connect with these animals on a deeper level.