Image from Forgotify

Discover An Array of Unheard Music.

Tired of listening to the same mainstream sounds that EVERYONE else is? Want to take your music tastes into unknown realms? With Forgotify you can find an artist that no one has heard of, making you the most musically superior at any social gathering. 

Forgotify will tear through Spotify in search of songs with zero plays, playing songs that literally no one has listened too, which surprisingly there are many. According to data that Spotify released in October of last year, 80% of the 20 million songs (roughly) on Spotify have been listened to once. Leaving 20% totally unheard, that’s roughly 4 million songs. 

You’re probably thinking, well there must be a reason no one has heard these songs? Although there are factors of quality it is also just because of the high volume of submissions from all over the world. A lot of the song are covers but now and then an enjoyable track will pop up. 

What makes Forgotify really interesting is that after you’ve played the song it counts as a listen, so you will be the first (and maybe only) person to hear that piece of music. Each experience is unique and ephemeral. It’s also worth noting that Forgotify in itself is short lived, as in theory if the rate at which people use Forgotify supersedes the rate in which artists upload it will eventually cease. Each listen is a step towards its end. 

It’s a really interesting way of listening to music and given unheard artists some time of day. Not to mention it is really fun. It’s almost the digital version of picking through the pound bin in your local record shop. Who knows what craziness you might find, heck you may even discover the next Led Zeppelin.