Poolside.FM brings last year’s coolest retro website to iPhone

Poolside.FM takes you back to a more innocent time abound with old skool OS, 80s dance music, and pixelated visuals – now on your phone.

Last year we discovered the number one time machine website on the web. The perfect accompaniment to a summer of pastel colours, pixels, and slightly distorted dance music, Poolside.FM is a retro throwback of computer and media that is impossible not to enjoy.

Now the aggressively 80s/90s themed website has launched as a free app on iPhones. The app reinvents your iPhone with colours, sounds, and images that will feel like a holiday through time straight into a sunny past.

The creators are planning to launch an Android version soon so that everyone can join the pool party. For now you can download the iPhone app here.

Head of Social Media and Marketing, RouteNote

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