Spotify have explored a lot of different areas with their music streaming service, but makeup is one we did NOT see coming.

Singer Maggie Lindemann is making use of her Merch section on Spotify offering a first-of-it’s kind for the platform. You’d think Spotify would be synonymous with music, but apparently it’s now also a digital Boots – you don’t need to leave your house to buy makeup anymore, now you don’t even have to leave music streaming.

American pop-singer Maggie Lindemann has teamed up with famous makeup artist Pat McGrath to offer a new line of makeup. The range offers 5 different Maggie branded products; 2 eye pencils, 2 eye shadow palettes and 1 liquid lipstick. The two have aligned with McGrath’s ‘So Obsessed’ line launching close to Maggie’s single Obsessed, which will release on the 17th this Friday.

McGrath spoke on experimenting with new platforms, saying: “I’m obsessed with technology. Since the very beginning, t’s been [our] mission to use social media in groundbreaking new ways. We launch our products via social media, we’ve found our most legendary #McGrathMuses via Instagram, and now we’re delving into creative collaborations via Spotify.

Spotify maggie lindemann pat mcgrath makeup merch artist page

“Social media has changed everything. It’s given consumers the most powerful voice they’ve ever had, and it’s connected makeup addicts with makeup artists in a way that’s never existed before. Makeup junkies are no longer a hidden subculture. We’re boldly on display, disrupting expectations and expressing radical individuality.”

Hmmmm, okay McGrath I’m not sure that selling overpriced makeup is much of a cultural shakeup but you do you. Lindemann agrees however stating that she shares her passion for “creative expression and art”. She went on to say: “I’ve admired Pat’s work for runway, red carpet and editorial for years. I have so much respect for her.”

I personally can’t see makeup on Spotify being a big drawing point but assuming her audience is right anything is possible in the digital age. If you want some head to Maggie Lindemann’s artist page now and check under Merch.