Can I upload music to Spotify without having a record label?

In the digital age the boundaries for you as an artist have been broken down and with RouteNote you can get your music on Spotify and other huge music platforms on your own terms.

A record label is no longer needed to get your music heard by the world. RouteNote have helped to level the playing field for independent artists, groups, and record labels around the world with free distribution to the world’s favourite streaming services.

You stay in complete control of your music through RouteNote. You don’t sign away ownership of your music and you control exactly what happens to it.

We provide you with the solution to get your music on the world’s biggest platforms, to earn money and build a worldwide fanbase, all on your own terms.

With RouteNote you can:

  • Choose between Free and Premium at anytime for the plan that suits your music best
  • Upload to all of the world’s biggest platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, TIDAL, Amazon, JioSaavn, Tencent, YouTube Music, and many more at no extra cost
  • Join our SoundCloud and YouTube networks to discover new ways to make money on other platforms
  • Gain extra benefits on Push.FM our brand new, promotion platform for your music
There is even more to discover once you sign up for free at to take your music career to the next level.
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