Getting rid of annoying noises or inescapable buzzes can be the bane of many musicians. Thankfully iZoptope’s RX8 software has the solutions to mixing out everything you don’t want.

Legends of music software, iZotope have returned with more amazing tools that make being a recording musician as easy as it should be. The latest version of their RX program gives musicians and producers even more powerful ways to get their audio tracks sounding the best they can.

New to RX 8 is an improvement to their De-hum module. It identifies a base frequency within your audio track to help remove certain invasive frequencies without affecting the recorded audio. Their enhancements make it better and removing hums and buzzing whilst also intelligently working out with to use a De-noise or a De-hum.

Speaking of De-noise is a brand new guitar De-noise function that makes your guitar recordings shine like they were always meant to. It’s powerfully built with guitar in mind so that it can work out the accidental or overwhelming peaks and noises that can be caused by compression, electrical interference, fretting and string sounds, and harsh picking.

Use sliders to adjust exactly how much the De-noiser is doing you can perfectly refine the polishing of your guitar tracks. A new Loudness Control module lets you take a deep dive into the levels of your music and control it to the exact levels and peaks you want for your tracks.

Elsewhere in the updated program is Music Rebalance which is designed to help you find the perfect balance between all your tracks. It has been created to identify vocals, bass, percussion, guitars, and other instruments in your mix to bring them all into their own space and have them sounding the smoothest they can all together.

Discover all of the great features in iZotope RX and the fantastic additions that have been introduced in RX 8 here. You can get a 30 day free trial before deciding whether you want to purchase the complete program.