Can I change my artist name on Spotify?

Making changes to your artist name, track name, album art, etc. on all stores, is super easy when you distribute your music through RouteNote.

Step 1
  • Find your release under the Approved tab or search
  • Click the three white dots in the upper right corner of the release you wish to change
  • Click Update Release
Step 2
  • Find the track you want to change
  • Click View Track Details
Step 3
  • Click Edit
Step 4
  • Make the changes you need to
  • Click Save and Continue
Step 5
  • Click Save and Continue again to return to the release page
Step 6
  • Don’t forget to reflect any necessary changes in the Edit Album Details page too
Step 7
  • Once you’re done making changes, click Done at the bottom of the release page
Step 8

This will send the music to our Update team, who will take a look at the changes you’ve made, approve it and send the update to all stores.

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    Hi Felix, if your release has already been approved and distributed then your music will remain as it was until we are able to update it. If you update your release before we’ve had time to distribute your release then it will be held whilst we moderate the release.

    I released my first music as a artist name ‘Rakesh Krushna Joshi’ but I change my artist name for this release in November as ‘Rakesh Joshi’ (not approved yet) but simultaneously I also released a second music with artist name ‘Rakesh Joshi’ (approved) in November. So, On YouTube there are already my topic channel as ‘Rakesh Krushna Joshi’ but for second music the new topic channel generated as ‘Rakesh Joshi’, because artist name for my first release is not changed yet. But I have a confusion, when you update my artist name for my first release, is it available in my previous topic channel of second release or it will create new. This is also for Spotify and other stores.

    Hi! will it generate a new topic channel once I update the release?
    Also, I was going to change my artist name but I already linked the old name with my main channel via RouteNote.
    If I change my official artist channel’s name, is it possible that the topic channel would unmerge so I could link the new one with my main channel?

    Hello, when your release is first uploaded to YouTube Music it will create a topic channel for you. If you change your artist name, your releases will go to a new artist profile or topic channel for that name. I don’t think they will be un-merged from an Official Artist Channel once linked though.

    Hello there, so I had a few questions about how to change my artist name, basically I changed my artist name via the “Profile Preference”, I went to “Artist Information” and I changed my Band/Artist name to a new one.
    My question is, is this really the way you do it ? I know change can take a while but is this really how you launch the procedure to make it change on Spotify, Deezer etc ?

    I know I can change my artist name directly in my discorgraphy but since my new name isn’t officially changed yet, I can’t find it in the recommendation.

    Maybe this is the right way and if it is, that’s awesome. I just found it too simple to change it just like that with a few clicks since every other distrbutor tells you it’s very complicated so I wanted to make sure by asking here.

    Hi Romain, to change your artist name you will need to change the name that is listed on any of your live releases. So for music that you’ve distributed through RouteNote you will need to update your releases and change your artist name there. Once we’ve approved your name and sent it to stores the changes will then appear.

    Hi, if you change your artist/band name though your releases, will it update the name on the Spotify Artist profile or it will create a new one?

    Hey Juan, yes if you update your artist name it will change on your artist profile too assuming you change your artist name on all of your releases.

    Hi hi.
    I’ve been contemplating changing my artist name, but I’m really worried that it’ll create a new artist profile and I’ll lose all the streams and followers I have on my current one (it’s not many but I don’t want to start all over again) and people will have to follow a new page. Is that the case, or will it update the new one? And what about Spotify For Artists? Would I have to link it again?

    Hi Georgia, your streaming data will be attached to your release and UPC so changing your artist name won’t cause an issue there. If you change your artist name on all releases your artist profile should change without losing its place, simply updating. Spotify for Artists will also still work the same as it is attached to your releases rather than your artist name.

    Hello sir, i want to change my Spotify artist name?
    Now my artist name is “Rdx Bubbly”

    But i want to change it.. and my new name is “Rabbit Mbbs”

    So.. please help me! How can i change?? i am waiting for your reply..!!

    Hello, if you head to your discography page you will be able to edit your individual releases and change your artist name on each of them. Once you have done this and saved your changes our team will review your changes and update your artist name once approved.

    Today is 13 November..
    As you said, i did same.. But Spotify has created a new profile with my new name (Rabbit Mbbs)

    And my main profile which name is Rdx Bubbly.. still same and not changed.

    Please sir, Help me.. Next what should i do now ??

    Hello, I am interested in switching my artist name, I’m concerned that this will delete all my Spotify followers and my spotify playlist placements. Do I need to be worried about that or will all my things transfer over to the new name?


    When you update your artist name, your release will appear on new artist pages corresponding with your new artist name.

    By creating new artist pages across stores, unfortunately you will lose the streams and followers connected to these pages.

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