Making changes to your artist name, track name, album art, etc. on all stores, is super easy when you distribute your music through RouteNote.

Step 1
  • Find your release under the Approved tab or search
  • Click the three white dots in the upper right corner of the release you wish to change
  • Click Update Release
Step 2
  • Find the track you want to change
  • Click View Track Details
Step 3
  • Click Edit
Step 4
  • Make the changes you need to
  • Click Save and Continue
Step 5
  • Click Save and Continue again to return to the release page
Step 6
  • Don’t forget to reflect any necessary changes in the Edit Album Details page too
Step 7
  • Once you’re done making changes, click Done at the bottom of the release page
Step 8

This will send the music to our Update team, who will take a look at the changes you’ve made, approve it and send the update to all stores.