If you’re sad that music streaming means you no longer have the visuals of records lining your living room then Magic Leap and Spotify have some good news for you.

Spotify have teamed up with augmented reality startup Magic Leap to bring music streaming to life around you. Their new app not only lets users control and listen to music on Spotify whilst they’re using Magic Leap devices but brings the music into the room and onto the walls.

The app uses spatial awareness to detect your room and build your Spotify library around it. You can pin albums to the wall and feel like you’re back in the 70’s proudly displaying your vinyl records on the wall in all the glory of their artwork.

When you leave the app or the room it doesn’t forget what you’ve done, so you can build up music collections for each room and line them up just how you want. Spotify is the first experience to work with Magic Leap’s Backround Music Service (BMS), so you can carry on listening to your Spotify tunes even whilst you’re exploring other apps on the Magic Leap One.

This is the first time Magic Leap have worked with a music streaming service and is a pretty unique partnership for Spotify. I wouldn’t be surprised to see more of these partnerships in the future.

Just looking at Magic Leap’s Spotify app in images and I already want to get one for myself!