This plugin finally lets you explore the possibilities of a Eurorack synthesizer module all within your computer, and not behind a paywall that leaves you bankrupt.

World renowned developers of audio recording and plugin software, Softube have announced Modular at Musikmesse 2016. The virtual Eurorack synthesizer features a vast library of presets and performance modules to modify your instrument to your hearts content for your perfect modular synthesiser sound.

Who better than Softube themselves to tell you why Modular is a brilliant addition for any producers toolkit:

Softube is proud to announce Modular: A new cross-platform modular synthesizer plug-in that looks, works and sounds exactly like its analog Eurorack counterparts.

Softube’s award-winning modelling experts have collaborated closely with legendary inventor Dieter Doepfer and the top minds at Intellijel to create circuit emulations of existing hardware modules. The resulting plug-in modules have been authorised and approved by their respective owners, guaranteeing that Softube Modular gets you as close the the analog sound as you can get.

Both effect and instrument, Softube Modular is fun, limitless and easy to use. The basic system includes six Doepfer modules and 20+ utility modules, such as sequencer, mixer, delay, and more, and a massive preset library will be included. Additional modules from Doepfer and Intellijel will be available as add-ons at launch (such as LPG, uFold II, Korgasmatron, Rubicon). More emulations from top hardware synthesizers brands will be released in the future.


Softube Modular is expected to release on May 11th for $99.