New 33 feet step sequencer in Berlin is the largest in the world

Berlin is home to some of the biggest and best nightclubs in the world and in honour of Red Bull Music Academy’s 20th edition they’ve built the world’s biggest sequencer outside of one.

Outside Berlin’s iconic nightclub, Tresor, biggest step sequencer was built – open to anyone to walk up and play with. The 33 feet long and 7.2 feet high machine took five weeks to assemble by 30 top technicians and is completely playable, allowing the public to freely use and play the world’s largest drum machine.

The massive sequencer has been built to celebrate Red Bull’s 20th edition of their Music Academy in one of the nightclub capitals of the world. The sequencer, named the RBMA-20, was designed and built by Berlin-based creative studio Neulant van Exel. Unfortunately this week saw the Sequencers last day at Tresor, but surely such an achievement will be relocated to a permanent position – though Red Bull haven’t revealed their plans for the whopping machine yet.

The interface for the RBMA-20 featured 427 knobs and faders, four completely functional analogue drum machines, a modular synthesizer, and even a sampling unit to work with. When the club was open punters could come and play the sequencer with the help of ‘on-site experts’ whilst club-goers waiting in line could listen with headphones. It’s a monumental creation and isn’t Red Bull’s only electronic musical mark on Berlin to celebrate their 20th musical anniversary.

A number of Berlin’s trams and trains which circulate through the city have been transformed into drum machines, sequencers and synthesizers on the side complete with Red Bull branding – only visually however. Homages to electronic classics like Roland’s TR-808 and TR-909 drum machines and Native Instruments Maschine feature along Berlin’s public transport.

Red Bull Music Academy started in 1998, right in Berlin where it has returned for it’s 20th anniversary. Their academy lectures have featured some of the world’s leading musicians and music influencers sharing their knowledge and inspiration with new and older generations alike. Red Bull have returned to the city where it all began and in style to celebrate.

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