Set your audio free from your Apple devices and take your audio to the next level through your Sonos home sound system.

Apple have launched the second generation of their Airplay software keeping their devices connected in this increasingly networked world. They have teamed up with Sonos for an unbeatable audio experience on mobile devices.

With Airplay 2 you can connect up your iOS devices, compatible iPhones and iPads, to your Sonos speakers for all listening. Whether you’re streaming tunes from Apple Music, watching videos on YouTube or binging the latest series’ on Netflix – link up your device and all audio will be streamed through your connected Sonos system.

Airplay 2 will work directly with newer Sonos speakers such as the Play:5, Playbase, and Sonos One as well as any future Sonos releases. You can also link up older Sonos speakers if they are grouped with any of the compatible speaker systems so you can stream your audio all around the house regardless of how old your Sonos is.

Sonos said in their release statement: “As a Sonos owners, you’ve have [sic] grown accustomed to these devices improving over time through software… Many of you have Sonos gear that’s over a decade old and is still getting better every day. But sophisticated new features sometimes require new hardware. For example, adding voice control to the Sonos system required us to build a microphone into Sonos One.

“Thanks to the way we’ve architected the system, adding just one Sonos device with voice capability means you can now control your whole system with voice, including those older devices that didn’t have a microphone built in when we first released them. AirPlay 2 works in a similar way.”

For example, the original Sonos Play:1 has roughly 1/16th of the processing power of it’s latest brethren. Sonos are proud of using their inter-connectivity to avoid retiring older speakers, saying: “This kind of innovation is unique in the technology industry. Through the magic of software, thoughtful system design, and a general disdain for forced obsolesce, we’ll do our best to make sure your investment in Sonos truly gets richer and more immersive over time.”