From legendary mic creators Blue Mic their new Bottle Mic Locker selection offers “the ultimate tube mic collection”.

Tube microphones are appealing for a variety of reasons like their crisp, clear quality, and warmth in their sound. They are however unappealing to those of us without a few grand to spend on a single tube microphone – but what if you got 4 different tube mics for the same price?

That’s what Blue Mic have done with their Bottle Mix Locker, offering the legendary Blue Bottle tube microphone with 4 of their iconic mic capsules that you can switch between for a variety of awesome tube mic sounds. The Bottle Mic Locker has been used by mainstream artists like KC Porter and Imagine Dragons, the latter of which said “Bottle is found all over our record”.

The 4 mics included are:Tube microphone

BO Bottle Cap – The ultimate big vocal sound

B6 Bottle Cap – The “modern presence” vocal sound (AKA the Blue standard)

B7 Bottle Cap – The classic vocal sound

B8 Bottle Cap – The versatile capsule

With the interchangeable caps you can set up your high quality tube mic and easily choose the best sound for the situation on the fly. Blue Mic also say that due to the different sounds of the microphones vocal mixes can easily be livened up by using a variety of mics for lead, backing, and so on to distinguish each part of your track.

Blue Mic say on their website: “The Bottle stands alongside the most iconic recording mics of the 20th century, blending modern technology with the soul of legendary vintage microphones to deliver a unique voice of its own. Power Stream offers a nine-step sensitivity knob that lets you set the right polarization voltage to achieve your desired sound. To top it off, the Bottle’s system of interchangeable mic capsules offers limitless versatility and unparalleled tone for recording any sound source.”

You can get Blue Mic’s Bottle Mic Locker from a variety site for $1,699.