Augmented reality technology is becoming more advanced by the second and Bose are delving into new worlds with their new ‘Frames’ putting audio into your sunglasses. 

World-class audio manufacturers Bose could be making the hottest pair of shades people are rocking in 2019 with their ‘Frames’. This isn’t a completely new direction for the company though as their priority won’t be blocking your eyes from the sun but providing high quality audio in exciting new ways.

The Frames go over your ears so that you’re left uncovered to hear and experience the world around you whilst providing audio to your ears that is, at least for the most part, unhearable to people around you. It works at it’s best with apps using Bose’s augmented reality technology providing digital audio experiences that enhance and expand on the reality around you.

Frames are able to use GPS to gain location data on you and feature a built-in nine-axis motion sensor to perceive your surroundings. It then combines this information with voice commands to AI assistants and it’s multi-function button to provide information through the speakers in each of it’s arms. Beyond it’s tech the sunglasses will feature tinted, UV-blocking glass so that they are actually useful in the sun too.

Bose will release two models of Frames when they launch in January, one version with round frames and the other with square frames so you can pick the look you like best. They promise 3 and a half hours of battery life when listening to music and 12 hours of life when on standby.

Bose Frames can be pre-ordered now for $199 and will ship next month in January 2019. You can find out more about the intriguing Frames and assure yourself a pair from Bose’s site: