Usually €108.90, ‘denise’ are offering the bitcrusher plugin for free to all those who subscribe to their newsletter.

My Crush is a digital lo-fi bitcrusher effect. With its minimal and easy to use interface, anyone producing any type of electronic music will be able to find a creative use for the plugin. Use the reduction parameters and effects to find a sound you like, then save your preset so you can use it across your projects. My Crush is loaded with unique presets from denise and Berlin electronic music producer Florian Meindl for you to use and add your own spin to.

  • SPLIT (ON / OFF): Splits the mono signal to make it stereo.
  • STUTTER (1/1 to 1/64d): Create a stutter effect in beat sync by selecting the metronome symbol. Hold shift to loop the effect.
  • CURVE (VARIOUS PRESET CURVES): Shape the tone of the effect from one of the following preset curves.
  • HPF/LPF (PRE AND POST: 20Hz to 20 kHz)): A high pass and a low pass filter that filters the audio either pre or post effects.
  • RESAMPLE (0% to 100%): Reduces the sample rate of the audio signal.
  • REDUCE (0% to 100%): Reduces the bitrate of the audio signal.
  • MIX (0% to 100%): The mix between the dry and the wet signal.
  • IN (-48dB to 48dB): Adjusts the input volume.
  • OUT (-48dB to 48dB): Adjusts the output volume
  • Clip and Out sliders on the top left correspond with the Clip and Out sliders on the bottom right of the plugin.

We wanted to create a fun and inspiring crusher, with the same brutal power of the Bite Harder, but the simplicity of preset controls and way to shape your sound in a quick and inspiring way. My Crush gives you the possibility to create the same, classic bit-crushing tones and audio destruction, in a simplified way, for no cost at all.


Mr Crush is compatible with 64-bit Windows 7 or newer, and macOS 10.7 or newer, in VST, VST3, AU and AAX formats.

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