Taylor Swift and The Weeknd are the only people standing in the way of Billie Eilish’s Spotify domination, which she’s fast approaching.

It’s hard to forget sometimes that Taylor Swift doesn’t have complete rule over music. In fact, she’s not even the number one most-listened to artist on Spotify. That title goes to The Weeknd with 106.6 million monthly listeners to Taylor’s 101.6 million.

However, they both face a new challenger. Billie Eilish has just become the youngest person to ever reach 100 million monthly Spotify listeners. With 101.1 million monthly listeners, Eilish is hot on the tracks of the world’s superstar Taylor Swift. Not impressed yet? Billie Eilish has reached the milestone with less than half the songs in her Spotify catalogue than both The Weeknd and Taylor Swift.

Ed Sheeran was the first to ever reach the milestone, hitting 100 million monthly listeners in 2022. The British singer-songwriter’s stardom has slightly dwindled in recent years, resulting in 66 million monthly Spotify listeners as of writing.

Spotify’s Global Head of Music, Jeremy Erlich told Billboard: “Spotify has been a part of Billie’s story from the start. Ever singe ‘ocean eyes’, she has continuously grown her fan base around the world. What she and Finneas have achieved since 2016 is quite remarkable – and all this by the age of 22.”

With Eilish’s place on the platform fast-growing she looks to take Taylor Swift’s place as the second most-currently streamed artist on Spotify any day. Will she be able to catch up on The Weeknd’s quite considerable lead? Time will tell.

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