Whether it’s just a simple hook that comes from nowhere or you want to write out an entire project, these apps should help any aspiring songwriters stay creative on the go.

We’ve previously given out some tips on getting started writing and writing music digitally, but how about writing music on your phone? Here are some top free apps for songwriters:

Voice Memos

Whether it’s the built-in Voice Memos on iPhone or Voice Recorder on Android, these apps are essential for remembering that hook. Don’t let that super catchy melody get lost in time.


Another obvious one. The built-in Notes app on any phone is your friend. Any line that comes to you, get it written down.

Evernote Scannable – iPhone

If you prefer writing your notes the old fashion way, get a scanning app to easily transfer your notes to your phone and then share with collaborators.

Evernote Scannable
BPM Counter – iPhone and Android

There’s thousands of BPM apps out there that essentially do the same thing. Simply tap the beat and it’ll give you the average BPM.

Metronome – iPhone and Android

The opposite to the above. Key in your desired BPM and it’ll click to keep you in time. Super useful for jamming. Again, there’s many to choose from here.

The Metronome by Soundbrenner
GarageBand – iPhone

If you want to get a bit more creative with your writing on the road, you need to check out GarageBand on the iPhone and iPad. Access and play around with instruments, sounds, loops and drum machines. Record multiple layers of audio on one project, up to 32 tracks. If you’ve got the right hardware you can even plug in guitars, mics and other instruments. Once you’re back home, open up your project on your Mac or import it to Logic Pro X.

Rhymer’s Block – iPhone

This one’s great for help with writing. As you type, suggested rhymes will pop up. The app includes a built-in thesaurus and syllable counter. The Community page will allow you to read other peoples work and share your own.

Complete Ear Trainer – iPhone and Android

Improve your aural skills and music theory knowledge with Complete Ear Trainer. Essentially the Duolingo for music, it’ll teach you everything from the basics to advance theory in a fun video game style. This knowledge will help massively when you’re trying to come up with melodic sounds from scratch or communicating with fellow music geeks.