BBC Four To Air ‘Music Moguls’ on the Hidden History of Pop and Rock

BBC Four have announced an upcoming three-part series that takes a look at the untold history of pop and rock.

‘Music Moguls’, which is due to air in January 2016, is a three-part show that will be narrated by influential insiders and artists from the music industry for an inside look at the history of popular music. The series will differ from a conventional documentary on the progression of music as all the stories will come from behind the scenes.

BBC Four will also be airing ‘Top of the Pops: The Story of 1981’, an in-depth insight into the year that music really kicked the 80’s off. It will feature guests such as Depeche Mode, Duran Duran, Human League, Kim Wilde, Jerry Dammers, Midge Ure, Leee John and more.

BBC Four editor Cassian Harrison said: “I’m delighted to showcase Music Moguls and this brilliant Top of the Pops special on the channel. BBC Four is the home of music on TV, and these new programmes demonstrate exactly the type of original and entertaining content music fans tune in for. Both are a fascinating, in-depth look into the moments and people that shaped pop history and are still remembered today.”

Episode 3 of Music Moguls will be presented by Alan Edwards, chairman of the PR firm Outside Organisation. Edwards said: “We all know what a significant role PR plays in British public life nowadays, but not many people realise that its roots go back five decades ago to the start of the music business as we know it now.

“In this film I lift the lid on the unseen, uncredited, often unappreciated and unsung PRs that helped create an industry that now employs something like 60,000 people.” Edwards’ episode will focus on the people who have shaped the publicity and image of the some of the worlds biggest acts.

Music Moguls will also feature appearances from artists including Debbie Harry, Ozzy Osbourne, Sex Pistols, Uriah Heep, Brett Anderson and Hugh Cornwell. Music Moguls’ first episode will meet the managers of some of the most influential artists and moments, episode two shows a look at the producers and Edward’s third episode looks at PR reps.

Tune in to Top of the Pops: The Story of 1981 and Music Moguls on BBC Four in January.

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