Bandpage is sending millions of fans to artists’ online stores, making “thousands of dollars every month” for musicians.

Bandpage is the self defined “central profile that musicians can use to engage and sell to their fans on the largest music services in the world.” It provides a hub for artists to upload a bio, pictures, videos, tracks, tour dates and so on – Bandpage then uses that information to update your artist profile globally.

It doesn’t sound like much but Bandpage is now partnered with Deezer, Spotify, Rdio, Microsoft Groove, Shazam, SoundCloud and more. You can edit your information and Bandpage will update it on the stores for you, something most platforms don’t allow users to do themselves. That may be the foundation of BandPage but that certainly isn’t where it shines as it’s services are helping over 500,000 artists make money.

Bandpage can create ‘Offers’ for artists which range from VIP meetings with fans, CD box sets, tour shirts, backstage access and much more. This was a great incentive but the problem was that artists had to promote the offers themselves and engaging fans can be difficult, but Bandpage didn’t let that stop them. They decided to take their services to where they knew they would be heard, streaming and ticketing sites.

Bandpage integrated with Spotify last year becoming their primary merchandiser, providing fans with access to information, offers and products from their favourite artists, straight from their artist page. Bandpage have since said that their offers, connecting fans with their favourite artists, have become best selling items.


CEO and Founder of BandPage, J Sider, spoke on how they’ve found the sweet spot for connecting with fans and selling music, products and promotions:

Every day we study online trends and the purchasing behaviour of music fans and we’ve consistently seen the highest qualified traffic come from the streaming services and music destination sites where an artist’s customers are engaging with the artist’s music the most.

After years of testing, we now have clear insights around what products music consumers find most interesting and what they’re most likely to purchase. The goal of studying these trends and applying the findings to our industry is to always help musicians increase their revenue at a time where the main product we’ve sold for decades has been in major decline.

As an industry we need to work together to understand the new types of products our customers want to buy and then find the most effective ways to reach them to build sustainable careers for musicians big and small.


After partnering with Rhapsody earlier this year BandPage discovered the success of push notifications combined with listener data was extremely successful in engaging fans with artists that they actually care about. With this curated form of advertising it provides users with adverts for products and offers they actually care about as well as opening up new opportunities for artists whilst bringing in extra revenue.

You can head over to BandPage and create your custom profile at