Cakewalk By BandLab is getting a makeover – or 2 – so that music creators of skills and experience will find solutions for their problems.

Cakewalk Next & Cakewalk Sonar are currently still in development but BandLab promises they’re “coming soon”.

Cakewalk Next

Cakewalk Next, as the name suggests, is all about futureproofing your music production workflow, available on both Mac and Windows. Next offers easy-to-navigate creation tools while delivering advanced signal processing.

Among Cakewalk’s creation tools are built-in song templates that provide a starting point for your production process. Dedicated tools for editing lyrics and synchronizing them to your song’s timeline allow you to record & create faster. At the same time, you also have access to the extensive collection of royalty-free sound libraries on BandLab Sounds.

Furthermore, you can shape your sounds and beats with the onboard Sampler and Pad Controller akin to Ableton’s stock instruments, and browse and tag your favourite AU and VST plugins too.

There aren’t many details available right now, but you can request to join the beta program on the BandLab Next webpage.

Cakewalk Sonar

Cakewalk Sonar, on the other hand, is a tribute to the original DAW but not it has a new user interface which retains existing workflows, exclusively for Windows. Sonar offers an extensive range of software instruments and effects before you import your own third-party software.

Meanwhile, Sonar offers unlimited Audio, MIDI, Instrument and Aux Tracks in all of your projects using Cakewalk’s award-winning, fully customizable Skylight interface. Cakewalk states that the new and improved Sonar is a “platform committed to ongoing feature development,”.

Though Sonar is exclusively available on Windows, the company promise that it will be compatible with projects created in older versions of SONAR and Cakewalk by BandLab.

BandLab hasn’t revealed a release date yet but you can sign up to follow developments about Cakewalk Sonar via the new Cakewalk Sonar webpage.

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